23 February, 2012

Jejak (Footprints)

Somehow this pic was burried and left out in my photo folder, it's lacking in exposure and composition so it's simply an ordinary pic. Then recently, whilst transcribing an interview the heroine says something that stayed with me for several days,

"Do many great things with your small footprints on earth."

She was talking about carbon footprints. As an environmental supporter she has big concerns on those who prefer fancy private cars over public transportation, or those who keep opening rainforest for cow's grazing. For few days it makes me think, after all the devastation that we made to mother earth, how much actually we do to humanity? To help others who are in need, really need our helps? I want to do something great with smallest impact to the environment, starting by supporting my sponsored daughter and enable her to read and learn as many as she could in her young age. ~oph

photo events: Gabung Mulung Tidung 2 / random photo hunting
photo venues: Tidung Isle, Thousand Islands, Northern off Jakarta
photo cameras: Canon EOS 1000D

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