15 February, 2012

Bride Stories

Will & Winda's  4 February 2012

Overwhelmed, on one side I couldn't believe my little brother is having his own family now. This same little brother who used to play with me in rice terraces lol AND on the other side I couldn't stop answering all the questions about when will I get married then? They're all assuming, my family will hold another wedding around February next year. Let's not damped their hope with telling them the truth it's not in my agenda yet.

I noticed that throughout the wedding ceremony, I tell you Bataknese custom wedding is really a tiring one, his bride, Winda, always has this huge smile on her face. I can fell and I believe she is really happy on her biggest day, well second only to giving birth to her baby(ies) maybe.

On contrary, last Sunday I went with some friends in a Chinese-Indonesian cultural trip to Tangerang, Banten Province and lucky for us when we're on the last temple of the trip, a newly-wed couple were doing their pray to Gods and to honour the elders and ....

The Bride was pouting! I am not quite sure was she pouting because all of us there immediately took out our cameras and taking their pictures the minute the couple walking in or because, this is Echa's theory, they were an arranged-marriage couple and she was obliged to marry the Groom. She has her reasons I'm sure, and who am I to judge her however it was a pity that despite being beautiful, she's not glowing on her big day.

Whatever her reason, I now have things to see and stories to share. Bride stories is always interesting isn't it? ~oph

photo events: William & Winda's Wedding, 4th February 2012 and Cina Benteng Short Trip, 12 February 2012
photo venues: Medan, North Sumatra and Tangerang, Banten Province
photo cameras: Canon EOS 1000D

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