08 March, 2012

Happiness is Me

A year ago, out of nowhere my dad said, "Let's go to Bali." He barely asked for anything and I couldn't remember if he ever asked for leaves, throughout his dedication to be a priest, for such family leisure. So my sister, her hubby, and I myself arranged for the three nights three days trip to Bali. As a grown up, you would realise that making your parents happy, to a certain level, is a satisfaction. Just as my sister would ensure the happiness of her baby once she/he is born.

Somehow happiness is a word that encircled me lately. I'm reading a book about the research/search of happiness. Transcribing some interviews of a woman who believes love is happiness. And just now a friend from across the ocean said, "You look so happy all the time!" Honestly I was slightly surprised and it got me thinking, am I that happy? I wonder why he thought I am happy. Was it because in all those pictures from my various trips where I always smile and had this huge grin on my face? Naturally, unless you're in a professional photo session, I am sure everyone will put a smile when having their pictures taken. Right?

During my short trip to Bali, I witnessed how Baliness have a certain way of life. They pray regularly, have shrines all over the places, and they did not do all of these for tourists attractions. They are who they are regardless what all of those people, from various nations and ethnicity with their own religions, think about them. I reckon that is happiness. To be who you are exactly and be comfortable with yourself.  ~oph

Photo events: Three Days in Bali / Random photo hunting
Photo venues: Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring, Bali / 02 March 2012
Photo cameras: Canon EOS 1000D

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